Bettina Mundry – A Life in Images.

Was Bettina Mundry’s path pre-determined by her artistic roots as she entered this world in Görlitz, Germany in 1959 as the granddaughter and great-granddaughter of painters Ernst Kandler and Paul Weinhold?

“I grew up in images” – as she puts it herself. Her childhood and youth were influenced by an intense exploration of Art History, with an emphasis on Liberal and Applied Arts.

Her involvement in a school Zeichenzirkel (drawing group) and Spezialistenlager (specialist art camp), as was common practice in the former German Democratic Republic, expanded her standard influences to new, artistic impulses and experimentation.

However, a growing pressure by her peers for her to study Liberal Arts made it difficult for Bettina to chose which career path to follow. Furthermore, during this phase of her life, Bettina’s rebellious side led her to do the exact opposite of what everyone in her surrounding environment expected of her.

Nonetheless, she never let go of art, though during this time she focused more on work in the social domain – introducing others to the world of art through work in Graphic Design.

Between 1993-1994 Bettina lived in a squat house in Berlin-Friedrichshain with other artists from all over the world. Following this, she finally fulfilled her life-long dream of moving into her own property in the countryside for life.

Hence, Bettina has been living in the distillery at Parmen in Nordwestuckermark, Germany with sculptor Arne Kalkbrenner since 1997. The images which Bettina grew up with have since also grown up and matured, having found their way from her imagination onto canvas.

Just as life in Uckermark draws its breath from nature, with new senses being aroused and inhaled everyday, so too do Bettina’s images tell of her broad vision of people: eyes, ears and hearts open.

She is Initial member of the group of artists UMKunst and since January 2007 Member of the GEDOK-Brandenburg